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Female Balance
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Male Balance AceAloe+
Female Balance Male Balance Ace Aloe+
Supports women of all ages those going thru menopause and hot flashes or supports women to have a normal period or cycle, fertility, and pregnancy. Herbal formula to support the prostate, urinary system, libido, and hormones.  Includes Saw Palmetto, African Pygeum, Chinese Ginseng, and more. 2 capsules has more Aloe Vera  active ingredient Acemannan than a full bottle of the leading aloe vera drinks. Also has Ashwagandha root, Adaptogens, and FOS dietary fiber.
Immune-D Optibreathe
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Immune-D Optibreathe Tranquility
Immune system formula to support the body in all healing. Most people think of it as an herbal anti-biotic to support the body fighting infections, viruses, bacteria, and other immune problems. Herbal formula to support the lungs and respiratory system that maybe having problems like allergies, asthma, nasal or sinus problems, or by people who smoke.
Herbal formula to support your body dealing with stress, hypertension, sleep problems, worry, and other related problems that affect your peace of mind and thus your 
overall health.

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NeuroCalm Balance+ symmetry product plus
Clarity NeuroCalm Balance+
Herbal formula to support memory, studying, mental focus, and learning.
Used by all ages from children to
people having "senior moments".
Herbal formula to support people with anxiety, depression, grief, sadness, worry, and other emotional based problems. Adaptogenic herbal formula to support immune system, stress, digestion, energy levels, and balanced organs.
Cleanse Bundle Botanacleanse Plus Paracleanse
Cleanse Bundle BotanaCleanse Plus ParaCleanse
Colon, intestinal, parasite cleansing is important for health maintenance and proper absorption of food and nutrients.  Herbal formula to cleanse and restore good flora and good bacteria needed to absorb your food and nutrients properly. This formula is a little better than the regular BotanaCleanse for waste impaction and parasite problems. Herbal formula to help your body get rid of parasites that steal your energy and good health. Take this before either the BotanaCleanse or BotanaCleanse Plus.


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